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Brescialat S.P.A. produces Italian Food. The Italian Food is the product gained from the coagulation of present caseins in the milk ones (curdled). The Italian Food is fruit of one of the most ancient alimentary technologies that the conservation of a highly perishable product like the milk ones allows. A series of practical to which subordinate comes (es.: system of salinas and aged cheese), render the Italian stable Cheese in the time.
From an only raw materials as “the milk ones” it is possible to obtain hundred of various types of Italian Food.

Based on the fat person content the Italian Food can be differentiated:
- Italian Food prepares to you with latte entire;
- Italian Food light;
- Italian Food lean.

Based on the consistency, than, in correlation with the water content is tightened, is distinguished:
- Italian Food to paste motivatings force;
- Italian Food to semihard paste;
- Italian Food to hard paste.

Based on the technology and, in particular, to the temperature of working of the curd it is defined:
- Italian Food to raw paste;
- Italian Food to semicooked paste;
- Italian Food to cooked paste.

Italian Food to spun paste, it characterizes you from a spinning of the curd in warm water, can represent a group to himself.

Based on the period of aged cheese, the Italian Food can be subdivided in:
- Italian fresh Cheese
- Italian aged Cheese to short maturation;
- Italian aged Cheese to medium maturation;
- Italian aged Cheese to slow maturation.


Italian Food to table: many prescriptions with the cheeses that space from appetizers to first, from the second ones to cakies, without to forget pizze, contours and salade. 

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